Working as a volunteer in the Galapagos Islands is a greatway to make a contribution to save one of the worlds most fragile ecosystems.

La hacienda Tranquila has 50 hectares of land, which are located in a small agricultural community in the Island of San Cristobal-Galapagos. Its main mission is to reinforce and protect the natural environment, as well as helping the local community. The small town of Progreso is located nearby the Hacienda, about 30 minutes by walking, or 10 minutes by taxi. The dock is about 20 minutes by taxi.

The volunteers will be accommodated in the Hacienda house, which has a capacity up to 22 volunteers in total. The volunteers will be divided in 2, 3, 4 or 5 persons per room. The house has a kitchen, toilets, and showers with hot water. The beds are ready with sheets, and awnings to protect you from mosquitoes.

The Hacienda provides cleaning items for the house; however, the volunteers need to be responsible for their own hygiene products, food, and drinks. One of the advantages to live in this marvelous place is the plentitude of fresh fruit, milk, and coffee that comes from the nearby orchards of this marvelous ranch. The Hacienda Tranquila staff is trained in First Aid, and there is a nearby clinic in the town of El Progreso in case of severe injuries.


Volunteers work usually from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 12.00pm, and from 14:30pm to 17:00pm. Weekends are free. Most of the projects are 5 – 10 minutes’ walk from the Hacienda. However, the project about the monitoring and introduction of species of plants is a bit farther from the Hacienda, about 15-20 minutes’ walk. The volunteers are welcomed at the airport, and later on, they are taken to the small town for a quick tour, as well as for buying some groceries. Then, they continue with the ride to Hacienda Tranquila. After a brief introduction at the Hacienda, they will have the rest of the day free.

The volunteers engage in a number of activities, although most of the work concentrates in reforestation, and projects related to the community.  The working shifts during the day are long and hot; therefore, volunteers need to be prepared mentally and physically for activities that demand a lot of efforts, but at the same time are very rewarding.

The volunteers work on a stretch of the land, where they have to eradicate species of plants that have been introduced, and are invasive as well. The whole purpose is to replace the invasive plants with endemic or native species of plants. First, the native plants are grown in a greenhouse, and later on they are relocated permanently in the field land. Volunteers, also work in projects such as the installation of a new water pipeline for the local community.

In addition, volunteers engage in other type of activities such as Hyppo therapy, gardening of vegetables, environmental education in local schools, and field trips in the Hacienda. The staff of the Hacienda is always ready to support and guide in the volunteer projects. All activities applied in this reserve area; will contribute to the preservation of our wonderful planet, and among the activities are:

✓ Reforestation of endemic species of plants
✓ Social work with the local community
✓ Contribute to the education of the children in the community
✓ Learning the importance of the preservation of the environment and other ecological topics
✓ Relationship development with the community (volunteers & locals)
✓ Reparation of Fences
✓ Reparation of the Hacienda’s Driveway
✓ House maintenance


✓ One week program (8 days minimum)
✓ This program can be operated every day of the year
✓ Full equipped kitchen for the uses of volunteers


✓ Accommodation in the Hacienda’s House in multiple rooms.
✓ Equipment for activities detailed in the program
✓ Private Bathroom with hot and cold shower
✓ Transfer from the Airport to the Hacienda (first day)


✓ Air Ticket to/from Galápagos.
✓ Galapagos National Park entry (US $ 100 ó $ 50 for passengers of the Andean community and MERCOSUR).
✓ Control Transit Card (US$ 20).
✓ Personal expenses and Tips.
✓ VAT for Ecuadorian passengers and local agencies.
✓ Medical Insurance

Every passenger MUST bring their own medical insurance, otherwise they will not be able to enter the Galapagos Islands.


✓ Bring Travel insurance and international medical insurance.
✓ We suggest bringing a 10kg luggage, and a small hand bag as local airlines request. Bear in mind that these programs demand physical effort, so it is important to bring comfortable and light clothes.
✓ For the hot months in Galapagos (December- May) we suggest to bring a swim suit, shirts, short pans, sunglasses, a hut, and cap, insects repellent, sun cream, sneakers shores for trekking on lava rocks, and beach sandals. For the cold months (June- November) we suggest bringing a rain jacket, and light pans. Other important items to bring are: Vaseline for the lips, and plastic bags for the camera


✓ Photo copy of passport
✓ Comfortable sneakers and beach sandals
✓ T-shirts and Shirts
✓ Shorts, cap
✓ Swim Suit
✓ Towels
✓ Personal Hygiene items
✓ Water jacket
✓ Rubber Boots
✓ Gardening Gloves
✓ Medical Kit
✓ Reusable water bottle